Lucy Wolfe Sleep Consultant

Lucy Wolfe
Sleep Consultant, Co-Creational Psychotherapist

Supportive and easy to follow self paced baby & child online courses helping parents achieve and maintain positive sleep practices for you and your baby. From birth to 6 years of age.

Lucy Wolfe
Sleep Consultant, Co-Creational Psychotherapist

Lucy Wolfe, author of The Baby Sleep Solution and All About The Baby Sleep Solution has created these online sleep plan courses with you and your busy life in mind; a series of easy to understand and digest, evidence based, practice informed, quality guidance and support. Using easy to follow video and written content, each course will walk you through the discovery of reasons why you are struggling, and will show and guide you how to make changes that support a great parent-child relationship with sleep. You can read more about Lucy in her bio. 

Supportive and easy to follow self paced online courses helping parents achieve and maintain positive sleep practices for you and your baby. From birth to 6 years of age.

0-6 Mth Sleep Plan

6-8 Mth Sleep Plan

8-12 Mth Sleep Plan

12-18 Mth Sleep Plan

18 - 2.5 Yrs Sleep Plan

3-6 Years Sleep Plan

What will I achieve out of these baby & child sleep courses?

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About my approach

My sleep approach takes every facet of your child’s story into account, and I help inform and identify core reasons that may be affecting your child’s sleep profile, and by making appropriate changes gently unlock their natural, inherent sleep skill set, enabling them (and you) achieve a deeper, more rested, and less interrupted sleep overnight and to nap well during the day too.

From birth you can begin to gently shape your child’s sleep in the first 6 months and implement my effective and caring percentage of wakefulness approach and from 6 months onwards up to age 6 you can learn all about my stay and support method and sleep guidance that promotes sleeping through the night and napping well by day, when your child is developmentally able to do so. 

Achieving better, more consolidated,  restful  sleep as your child matures can be done without leaving them to cry alone.
I will never support or endorse leaving your child alone to “cry it out” or use cry intensive strategies. I encourage you to use, when required, my Stay-and- Support Approach that allows you to be physically responsive, verbally reassuring and emotionally connected as you accompany your child; to always respond, to soothe and to calm them for the duration of their sleep learning journey…. until they feel more safe and secure in their own sleep ability. All the guidance provided is evidence-based, and practice informed.

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The other side ❤️❤️ ...

Welcome to August - June and July have been unreal with so much fun, love and laughter including a little project that was being completed, as well as a week of self isolation! August.. I have high hopes for you ❤️❤️ ...

When one of my children said she was not sleeping as well as normal, I knew we needed to make some changes. A good mattress is an important component to a restful night's sleep. I love my own @emmasleepireland mattress, so I am delighted to partner once more with @emmasleepireland to help my family wake up happy #wakeupwithemma #ad Use my code lucywolfesleep for an extra 5% off! ...

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I love my job ❤️ ...

10 years ago my children were 9,7,5 and 1.5 years old. The summer weeks were hectic and busy and full of need.
Today 3 of them are off working in various capacities and the youngest is at a camp.
I went for a gorgeous breakfast with one of them today. It was relaxed and chill.

I love the maturing relationships that are unfolding, that I never imagined when I was in the trenches as you may well be right now.

Interestingly 29 years ago yesterday, I met their Dad for the very first time ❤️❤️

It’s about being curious and learning. If what you are hearing, resonates; lovingly and patiently making adjustments and refinements.
As with most parenting dynamics working on improving your child’s sleep at any stage can be challenging.
Have hope, belief and trust …. something wonderful, different, better, more is possible ❤️❤️tag a tired friend who may need to hear this xx

Good morning and welcome to new followers, I am so happy that you have joined me here to help understand more about your baby's sleep and your parenting journey in a gentle, child-led way and to hear suggestions and reassurance for where you are.
My name is Lucy Wolfe, I am a Sleep Consultant, Co-Creational Psychotherapist, Author of The Baby Sleep Solution and All About the Baby Sleep Solution, Online Course Director of Lucy Wolfe Sleep Plans and Mum of four.
My own children are currently 19, 17, 15 and 11 and I know first-hand how debilitating sleep deprivation and not knowing can be. Over 11 years ago, following extensive training and ongoing education, I established a private sleep consulting practice where I have had the honor of offering valuable guidance and support to families around the world. For more information please follow the link in my bio for all available resources.
Today, I plan to respond to your questions below and will do my best to share insights and help you pursue a new sleep direction
I look forward to hearing from you ❤️❤️

And whatever you do, don’t breathe ❤️ ...

Suggested sequence of the order of addressing your child’s sleep. From 6 months plus I tend to begin a plan at bedtime and follow that plan into the overnight, making sure to have a predictable response until 6am. Then if you would like naps In the cot I start the next day and if naps are short I just carry on with the day. After about 2 weeks, if naps are still short I work on lengthening.
All improvements are made with attention to individual child’s needs for feed and sleep informed by age and stage and underpinned with the science and art of sleep practices- all of which are detailed in my books and immediate to implement online sleep plans - linked in bio ❤️❤️