Lucy Wolfe Sleep Plan

0-6 Month Baby Sleep Plan

0-6 Month Baby Sleep Plan

Welcoming a new baby into the family is no doubt a wonderful time-that said, it is also a time of huge adjustment for both parent and child and it can be a surprise to many when they experience sleep challenges from early on. Many of the reported challenges may be representative of typical infant sleep-with your young baby designed to wake and feed with frequency, and to achieve their sleep quota in a scattered way within 24 hours, rather than a consolidated way.

0-6 Months Sleep Plan Course by Lucy Wolfe

I have created this course with you and your busy life in mind

I encourage parents to lean into the early months, understanding the dynamics that exist and to take time to get to know each other, establish your feeding practice and allow your baby to feel loved, safe, secure and belonging to your family.

Within this, I also know that beginning to gently shape your child’s sleep within the early months creates a solid and promising foundation for better sleep for your family.

In this course, I explain what is considered to be typical and what you may do, in a gentle and considered way to encourage your child’s sleep profile, at a rate and a pace that you are both able for, whilst honouring their individuality.

I don’t consider this course to be results based- it is information orientated, with gentle sleep shaping suggestions together with proven-to-be appropriate feeding and sleeping balances that will complement the guidance provided. Covering when you might offer a feed and attempt naps, to where to sleep at bedtime, how to create a sleep environment and how to gently initiate sleep ability; all of which nurture your child’s sleep profile and your parent-child sleep experience.

Just some of the topics covered:

This course includes:

Enrol today and discover how you can gently and collaboratively help your child become invested in achieving and maintaining their sleep whilst feeling safe and secure, and ultimately, well rested.

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