18-2.5 Years Sleep Plan

Sleep issues are not just for babies;  your older child, for a variety of reasons,  may have never established their sleep profile or you may find that routine sickness, day-care and/or nap transitions mean that your previous good sleeper has begun waking again

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At this age it is entirely appropriate and possible to help your child to learn to sleep with less waking- even if, so far they have never done so,  they can be helped, guided and supported to do so.

This course is developed for parents of children aged between 18 months and 2.5 years- who would like their child to sleep in a cot, with less parental input  and to sleep through the night as well. If your child is under 2 years of age-it may also be possible to help them nap in their cot too and learn all about the end of day time sleep.

You will learn  the importance of nap and bed-timing,  and also how your child actually gets to sleep and back to sleep influences significantly whether they can maintain their sleep better in time.

You will learn how to transition from being present- if applicable- at bedtime to resolving the night waking’s with a plan that will support and inform you as each week of your sleep learning journey evolves. 

Enrol today and discover how you can gently and collaboratively help your child become invested in achieving and maintaining their sleep whilst feeling safe and secure, and ultimately, well rested.

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