3-6 year sleep course by Lucy Wolfe

3-6 Years Sleep Plan

Sleep problems can linger well into the preschool and school-going age bracket. Sleep issues are not just reserved for infants and toddlers, but if parents have reached the stage when their older child doesn’t sleep well you may also feel resigned to the situation. Obviously the older the child is, the more difficult it may be to change long ingrained sleep associations and expectations of your child within the context of their sleep- but I believe that it is never too late to make appropriate and effective adjustments that promote a better relationship with sleep for everyone in your family.

3-6 Years Sleep Plan Course by Lucy Wolfe

I have created this course with you and your busy life in mind

With age, the emotional landscape shifts as well- language develops, a greater sense of self and of control emerges, childhood fears and anxieties may also become heightened; however, the principles of healthy, positive sleep practices can still be adopted, and your child’s sleep can always be improved. I have developed this course with you in mind. I know that of course, some children are better sleeper than others, and yes, some children require more and some a little less than average, but ultimately, all typically developing children, have the capacity to learn and experience their sleep without a parent present or by delaying sleep for 2-3 hours at bedtime and they can also be encouraged and shown how to stay asleep overnight without wandering into the parent’s bedroom or indeed looking for the parent to join them in their bed, if that is what you would like to establish. 

The importance of quality, un-interrupted and consolidated sleep for your child’s health and development should not be underestimated. Studies routinely demonstrate that sleep serves a far greater function than rest alone, contributing to optimised learning and mental alertness, increased ability to retain and process information along with enhanced cognitive development.

In this age range, challenges are typically, either not being able to go to sleep easily at a reasonable time or not being able to stay asleep; and very often parental presence is required either at the onset of sleep, overnight or both. Another common occurrence in this age range is staying awake for long periods of time overnight. Just with younger children, in order for healthy sleep to develop and for your young child to be masterful and efficient at sleeping, core sleep principles are helpful. 

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Enrol today and discover how you can gently and collaboratively help your child become invested in achieving and maintaining their sleep whilst feeling safe and secure, and ultimately, well rested.

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