Lucy Wolfe Sleep Plan

6-8 Month Baby Sleep Plan

6-8 Month Baby Sleep Plan

There is possibly no other time than between 6-8 months that your child’s sleep changes so much and so rapidly. 

If you are feeling exhausted, especially if your baby is waking through the night and struggling to get back to sleep. Rest assured, you are not alone. 

I will support and guide you through creating your sleep plan for your baby-helping address both night and day sleep challenges. 

Lucy Wolfe 6-8 Month Online Course

I have created this course with you and your busy life in mind

This course covers this critical 2 month period both, developmentally and emotionally, allowing you to refine your sleep plan accordingly at a rate and pace that is suitable for your baby.

Although 6-9 months is often suggested as a time period; I find it impossible to see how great, appropriate, and long-lasting sleep can be established within a wider range, without the specific guidance that I will provide for this 6–8-month category! Once your positive sleep practises are established, you will be able to greet 8 months plus and onwards, with all the guidance and information that is included within this course, so that you will future-proof your baby’s sleep, whatever their age. 

Just some of the topics covered:

This course includes:

Enrol today and discover how you can gently and collaboratively help your child become invested in achieving and maintaining their sleep whilst feeling safe and secure, and ultimately, well rested.

Start your sleep plan today for €50 (£43.06)

If you are looking to buy this course for a loved one, follow this link to purchase a personalised voucher.

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