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6-8 Month Baby Sleep Plan

There is possibly no other time than between 6-8 months that your child’s sleep changes so much and so rapidly. 

For most parents this can be a challenging time that leaves you feeling exhausted. Especially if your baby is waking through the night and struggling to get back to sleep. 

This course covers everything that you need to save your sanity.

I will guide you through creating your sleep plan for your baby-helping address both night-time and day-time sleep challenges. You will have access to videos, written material and downloadable documents to support your journey.

Invest in your sleep plan today for €50 (£42.92)

Lucy Wolfe 6-8 Month Online Course

This course covers this critical 2 month period,  as I want you to be able to meet your baby where they are at both, developmentally and emotionally, and to be able to refine the sleep details accordingly, so that your baby can learn at the rate and the pace that they are able for. 

Although 6-9 months if often suggested as a time period; I find it impossible to see how great, appropriate, and long-lasting sleep can be established within a wider range, without the specific guidance that I will provide for this 6–8-month category! Once your positive sleep practises are established, you will be able to greet 8 months plus and onwards, with all the guidance and information that is included within this course, so that you will future-proof your baby’s sleep, whatever their age. 

This course includes:

Invest in your sleep plan today for €50 (£42.92)

My approach in the courses is the same as in my books but the delivery to parents is different – based on feedback;  parents are often too tired to read and fully implement the guidance in the book with ease – the online sleep plan course is more like a one to one consultation, and although it is not specific to your baby, it is laid out for you to follow with the important changes explained  to you that many parents miss or overlook in the books, or do not feel confident enough to change;  and this affects their progress and goals. Here, you just progress through the easily digested course chapters that cover your plan to sleep in a linear way over 4-5 weeks – making changes and refinements that continually help you move towards your sleep goals.  It is straightforward, easy to use and effective.

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