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My name is Lucy Wolfe and I am a Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Co-Creational Psychotherapist and Mum of four amazing children. I am the author of the bestselling book – The Baby Sleep Solution and All About Baby Sleep – Your Questions Answered and Creator of the 100% natural Sleep Through Bed and Body Sleep Spray and Relaxing Rub.

I am a graduate from University College Cork in Parent Mentoring and Relationship Studies. I have completed the Gentle Sleep Coach program (USA) and Certification in Child Sleep Studies accredited by the OCN (UK) and have attended the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic (UK). I have undertaken specific training and qualification for children aged between 4-5 months, and I am a certified Happiest Baby, New Parent Educator together with certification in Post Natal Depression accredited by OCN (UK).

I undertake continuous professional development to stay up to date with recent research and development, together with personal reflection. My current research is an exploration into the lived experience of first time Mothers; giving voice to the challenges of early Motherhood. I have been in practise for over 10 years.

I am the former European Director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants; a member of The International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and a (PV) Member of the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors.

I am the Resident Sleep Expert on Virgin Media One’s Breakfast Show-Ireland Am and have been a regular guest on RTE, The Today Show as well.

I have completed sleep television series on Virgin Media One’s  Ireland Am programme, titled “Baby Bedtime Basics” (2013) and “Sleeping Beauties” (2018) and have appeared on The Morning Show (2012) and Midday (2014) as a sleep expert and was a contributor to the RTE documentary “Awake -The Science of Sleep” (2017).

My work has also been widely featured on many occasions in The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Mail, The Sunday Business Post, The Evening Echo, The Daily Star, The Mirror, The Farmers Journal, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner,  The UCC Express, VIP Magazine, The Cork News as well as on Corks’ 96fm, Redfm, Newstalk, Today FM, RTE Radio 1, Waterford  FM, 98mf, Q102, Radio Kerry and Spirit FM radio shows. I provide sleep articles to various publications and parenting websites, regularly contributing to The Irish Independent Mothers and Babies Magazine, Pregnancy and Parenting, Maternity and Infant Magazine,  Mums and Tots, Womans Way, Easy Parenting to name but a few. Furthermore I have work with leading corporations such as Vodafone, Aviva, Cow and Gate, Danone, State Street, Citi bank, Pepsi Cola to help reduce sleep deprivation in the workplace.  I am the resident sleep expert for a number of consumer websites and I appear regularly on national television and radio broadcasts around the country.

I am a busy Mum to four lovely children and can easily associate with whatever sleep challenges that you may be experiencing, both as a parent and a professional.

Nobody sets out to have a sleep issue, but tendencies can become easily ingrained and spiral quickly out of control and you can find yourself sleep deprived, desperate and not too sure what to do.  The challenges may be obvious from the early days or they can emerge as your child gets older.  It is never to early to start laying that foundation for better sleep and it is never too late either to begin to address the sleep challenges that you report.

As a parent myself, going through the various challenges of parenting, I was disappointed to discover that there were limited resources, countless inappropriate methods and none that took the child and parents emotional wellbeing into account.  It was either “tough love” or just don’t expect to sleep. I began to pursue training and qualification to enable me to accompany parents encouraging their children to establish positive sleep practices without using tough love, controlled crying and cry it out techniques.  From my training and work with families,  I developed my feeding and sleeping balances that honours the science of sleep, and synchronised your child’s biological rhythm together with my Stay-and-Support method, aligned with many other child-focused adjustments that ultimately enable parents to emotionally appropriately establish better sleep for all and to ensure that it is a long-term solution, rather than a quick fix.

There is no one size fits all approach for any family and the suggestions that I combine for you on a one to one basis, will help you feel confident, empowered and assured on your parenting journey.

The baby sleep solution by Lucy Wolfe
All about the baby sleep solution by Lucy Wolfe

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“Lucy helped us to find that joy again. She was our port in the storm and the steady hand and mentor that I, as a first-time mother, needed in a very difficult time. As new parents, you are vulnerable and often lack confidence. This puts you at risk of being coaxed and corralled into trying out all sorts of products and services” ...

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Having a few days and nights in a row like a weekend or even better a long weekend is the ideal time to make changes! Provided your child is well, then what might help? I find reviewing day sleep timings and distribution together with placement of meals and allocation of connection and outside time an easy-in.
But the big ticket items are deciding where your child will sleep, creating a sleep friendly, comfortable environment. Making necessary changes to bedtime : the time itself honoring the nap gap dynamic and the order of events - typically separating drinks from sleep by about 45 m ( if you are wondering about this then see my igtv for more) and looking at the time spent preparing your child for sleep and then supporting them as needed. My stay and support can help transitioning from feeding, rocking etc… but don’t forget it’s staged based so you move positions every few days and you will very probably need an overnight plan too- remembering that night waking can be caused by how you attend to them - so you may be reinforcing waking each time you rock, feed or change sleep locations - even if it is just once per night- somewhere along the road the waking becomes “behaviorally induced”. And that’s what can be tricky ! You will hear that consistency is important but consistently doing a reinforcer won’t help, only consistently supporting them back to sleep in a way they can ultimately do on their own is often what is required 🤷‍♀️this may mean night weaning as appropriate or stopping what you currently do and replacing stay and support (don’t forget it’s stage based)…. And also know that it’s likely to get harder before it gets easier .. but then you are working on your child’s future sleep profile as well as current ❤️❤️
My books and ready to download online courses for your child’s age help underpin my content here - link in bio ❤️❤️

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Just a brief re-introduction my name is Lucy Wolfe and I’m a sleep consultant. Author of The Baby Sleep Solution and Mum of Four children currently aged 19, 17, 15 and 11. I live in Cork Ireland and work directly with parents from 6m to 6 years creating one to one sleep plans together with individualized support and guidance.

I also have ready to download online sleep plan courses for ages 0-6 months, 6-8 months, 8-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-2.5 years and 3-6 years too.
These online sleep plan courses are a series of easy to understand and digest, evidence based-practice informed, quality guidance and support to address your current sleep challenges. I want you to be empowered to nurture your child’s sleep into being the best that it can be based on their age and their stage. Using easy to follow video and written content, I will walk you through the discovery of reasons why you are struggling, and I will show and guide you how to make changes that support a great parent-child relationship with sleep. You can read about the courses priced between €35-€55 here Also linked in bio.

I will suggest that you would equally be able to work through the issues by using both/either of my books and making all of the recommended changes and suggestions. The first book specifically covers sleep challenges to age 6. You can view and purchase here: Also linked in bio.

There is also lots of free content here in my feed- see also comments sections and in my IGTV and websites mentioned above.

Better, more consolidated sleep is possible. It may not always be straightforward and it will and does take time … but it’s possible and that’s important to know ❤️❤️

It’s exam season and enough sleep is very important for how our young people process, retain and articulate what they are learning. Join me on @irelandamvmtv to hear suggestions that may help ❤️ ...

Share your hard right now and let’s see if together we can help. ...

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