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My name is Lucy Wolfe and I am a Sleep Consultant, Co Creational Parent and Relationship Mentor and mum of four children. I am the author of the bestselling book- The Baby Sleep Solution and All About Baby Sleep- Your Questions Answered and Creator of the 100% natural Sleep Through Bed and Body Sleep Spray and Relaxing Rub brand.

I am a graduate from University College Cork in Parent Mentoring and Relationship Studies. I have completed the Gentle Sleep Coach program (USA) and Certification in Child Sleep Studies accredited by the OCN (UK) and have attended the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic (UK). I have undertaken specific training and qualification for children aged between 4-5 months, and I am a certified Happiest Baby, New Parent Educator together with certification in Post Natal Depression accredited by OCN (UK). I undertake continuous professional development to stay up to date with recent research and development, together with personal reflection. I am a final year Masters student in the Psychotherapy of Relationship Mentoring,  (LIT). My current research is an exploration into the lived experience of first time Mums; giving voice to the challenges of early Motherhood. I have been in practise for over 10 years.

I am the former European Director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants; a member of The International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and a (PV) Member of the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors.

I am the Resident Sleep Expert on Virgin Media One’s Breakfast Show-Ireland Am and have been a regular guest on RTE, The Today with Maura Derrane and Daithi o Se, afternoon television show as well.  I have completed sleep television series on Virgin Media One’s  Ireland Am programme , titled “Baby Bedtime Basics” (2013) and “Sleeping Beauties” (2018) and have appeared on The Morning Show (2012) and Midday (2014) as a sleep expert and was a contributor to the RTE documentary “Awake -The Science of Sleep” (2017).  My work has also been widely featured on many occasions in The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Mail, The Sunday Business Post, The Evening Echo, The Daily Star, The Mirror, The Farmers Journal, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner,  The UCC Express, VIP Magazine, The Cork News as well as on Corks’ 96fm, Redfm, Newstalk, Today FM, RTE Radio 1, Waterford  FM, 98mf, Q102, Radio Kerry and Spirit FM radio shows. I provide sleep articles to various publications and parenting websites, regularly contributing to The Irish Independent Mothers and Babies Magazine, Pregnancy and Parenting, Maternity and Infant Magazine,  Mums and Tots, Womans Way, Easy Parenting to name but a few. Furthermore I have work with leading corporations such as Vodafone, Aviva, Cow and Gate, Danone, State Street, Citi bank, Pepsi Cola to help reduce sleep deprivation in the workplace.  I am the resident sleep expert for a number of consumer websites and I appear regularly on national television and radio broadcasts around the country.

I am a busy Mum to four lovely children and can easily associate with whatever sleep challenges that you may be experiencing, both as a parent and a professional.

Nobody sets out to have a sleep issue, but tendencies can become easily ingrained and spiral quickly out of control and you can find yourself sleep deprived, desperate and not too sure what to do.  The challenges may be obvious from the early days or they can emerge as your child gets older.  It is never to early to start laying that foundation for better sleep and it is never too late either to begin to address the sleep challenges that you report.

As a parent myself, going through the various challenges of parenting, I was disappointed to discover that there were limited resources, countless inappropriate methods and none that took the child and parents emotional wellbeing into account.  It was either “tough love” or just don’t expect to sleep. I began to pursue training and qualification to enable me to accompany parents encouraging their children to establish positive sleep practices without using tough love, controlled crying and cry it out techniques.  From my training and work with families,  I developed my feeding and sleeping balances that honours the science of sleep, and synchronised your child’s biological rhythm together with my Stay-and-Support method, aligned with many other child-focused adjustments that ultimately enable parents to emotionally appropriately establish better sleep for all and to ensure that it is a long-term solution, rather than a quick fix.

There is no one size fits all approach for any family and the suggestions that I combine for you on a one to one basis, will help you feel confident, empowered and assured on your parenting journey. 

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All our children are different from each other- unique- individual - never to be repeated. There’s no such thing as perfect any thing - don”t let that concept undermine your gorgeous relationship. Embrace and honor their individuality. Find your rhythm together. Focus on Love. Loving responses and what feels right for you.

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Nearly 70% of you today have reported night time sleep challenges: understanding that waking is typical especially in the early days is helpful, but also, providing fertile ground to help your child begin to cycle through some or all of their night time sleep phases especially from 6 months onwards: Some changes that may help for you 6 month plus aged child include:
💤enough day time sleep for age and stage
💤correct balance between naps- equal distribution between nap 1 or 2 - or nap 2 longer than nap 1
💤Age relevant wake period between last nap and bedtime
💤Adequate activity, connectivity and varied diet
💤All drinks- breast, bottle, cups of water - finished 45m BEFORE sleep time and provided in the living room
💤A bedtime routine in the bedroom that you child sleeps in
💤A sleep friendly environment
💤Going into their cot completely awake and being able to put themselves to sleep and if they cannot then to use my staged based staya and support approach
💤A predictable, planned response overnight making a decision about night feeds as age/stage appropriate-
💤remembering that sleep is behavioural in nature and the waking is often reinforced by your responses like feeds that may no longer be needed, changing of sleep locations for example
✨✨What one change could you start to make today?

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Would you like to win access to my online sleep plan course? You can select a plan for sleep for 6-8 months, 8-12 months or 12-18 months which will help you and your child get the sleep you deserve!
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A date with yourself. ❤️❤️ I just loved hearing about this pregnancy suggestion to go on a date with yourself before everything changes.
I started this practice myself after reading Julia Cameron”s The Artist’s Way. She suggests a weekly block of time “committed to nurturing your creative consciousness”… take yourself out… give yourself space, listen to yourself, give yourself that much needed attention.
I know it’s easier said than done with all the busyness of parenting-but i will say it makes a huge difference to me and to my family ❤️❤️✨✨
So…do you want to go on a date?

Ok friends-please add your insights and suggestions for this parent hoping to put her two children in the same room. Give me your best work 😉❤️ it really helps others if you add your experience ❤️❤️ ...

…..And sometimes now, there is just one.

This is Harry- he’s my fourth child - 10 years ago he was 8 months old and my other children were 8, 6 and 4 years old.
There was never just one- always four - never just on my own with one- always with four. ✨4✨4️⃣✨
Four out of bed, four to get washed and dressed. Four for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Four into the car, four out of the car. Four different laughs, four different people to fight each other and with me. Four into the shops, four out of the shops. Four to visit friends, four out for an adventure, four ice creams, four drinks, four bars. Four different levels of upset, four emotional and physical needs to be met. Four into the bath, four into pajamas, four hugs, four kisses, four bedtime routines, four into bed. Four✨4️⃣✨4
Now the older three are 18, 16 and 14 and they each have jobs this summer, they have friends of their own and plans that don’t include me.
So sometimes there’s just one. 1✨1️⃣
Me and Harry.
It’s positive and it’s negative, it’s heartwarming and heartbreaking. It’s true.
Now there is sometimes four… sometimes three….sometimes two….and often one.✨✨❤️❤️

Are you ready to reclaim the night? I am pleased to announce the addition of my 12-18 month sleep plan online course.

I want to help your family get the restful sleep they deserve:

Sleep is important for the optimal development of your beautiful, engaged child and for your family unit. By 12 months plus your child’s need for consolidated, uninterrupted sleep is significant for you both- and there’s a wonderful opportunity to complement their ongoing exploration, learning and development with learning to achieve and maintain nourishing sleep, with my approach. Create sleep independence, night-wean, consolidate night sleep- establish naps at home, and in day-care; fostering flexibility between parents and caregivers.
Now is the ideal time to make subtle, appropriate changes, to guide your child through a learning process, get the quality sleep that they need overnight and by day, meeting the transition from 2 naps to 1 nap with confidence and to fine tune all your efforts to date.
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That you know best- that there are no gold standards- have to’s and should’s. That you know best 😊that things change- that you are stronger than you know- you are not fat, lazy or incompetent. That you know best. Trust in YOU; your inner wisdom is ever knowing. You do have all the answers. Some days - weeks- months - the house is going to look like we’ve been burgled-….as long as we have clean undies that’s winning- a sandwich is fine for dinner…You do know best…parenting it is the most significant career there is… it is going to be okay ❤️
What would you tell your pregnant self?

This little tile got a big reaction and a lot of love yesterday when I posted as part of the traveling tips and so I thought it may deserve a post all of its own!!!.
I guess as a mum of four children currently aged between 18-10 years….I’m speaking from a lived experience of how short the time is in the trenches… and knowing how tough and amazing it can be especially when we are going on a holiday - the excitement of the holiday that may often be degraded by expectations, versus the reality of holidays with our children.
You look forward to the break away, plan with precision and imagine how glorious it’s going to be……and you ultimately arrive back needing a break to recover from the break.
You’re keen to make memories but it’s not always straight forward- kids will be kids and will not be quiet in the dining hall, not eat, not “behave”, will want what they can’t have, not enjoy what you think they “should” enjoy… after all the effort that you have gone to… and then their smile, their laughter, their face .. their embrace, as they discover or see something entirely new for the first time!
Their love for you regardless of where you are, but that you are there.
Focus on moments - enjoy the moments- it can’t all be entirely enjoyable- I personally lost a lot of time focused on the mirage of happiness- what I had digested from perfect images and idealistic narratives.
Lean in- feel it all- it’s all parenting, shaping and informing both you and your child - the highs and the lows- and as I said even if the sleep is a bit wonky- you can get back on track or on the track afterwards.
I wonder what your own thoughts are on this?

Here’s a quick sleep guide for some of you struggling to know where to start - these suggestions are for a baby aged 6 months plus.
What changes do you feel you will make to help promote your child’s sleep?

After over a year of just Skype appearances on @irelandamvmtv @virginmediatelevision - I am back in the studio! Join me at 8:45am and 9:35am as well ❤️❤️you can catch up on the player too xx ...

Luclan 😂😂

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After the launch of the 6-8-month baby sleep plan, I am happy to announce that the 8-12-month baby sleep plan is now available.
I love working with families of children aged 8-12 months- there is unbelievable scope and opportunity to help your child start to sleep through the night and nap well too. There is potential to night-wean and promote longer, better sleep all round.
I have created this course with you and your busy life in mind; a series of easy to understand and digest, evidence based, practice informed, quality guidance and support.
I want you to be empowered to nurture your child's sleep into being the best that it can be based on their age and their stage.
I will walk you through the discovery of reasons why you are struggling, and I will show and guide you:

How to create your child's ability to fall asleep without a parent present- without leaving them to cry.

How to manage night-waking, dummy runs, night feeding, early rising and bed-sharing that you are ready to change.

How to wean or retain night feeds.

How to move them into their own room or successfully room-share

How to implement my sleep and feeding guidance, explaining when to offer your feeds and the best times to attempt nap and bedtime to promote great sleep. (All downloadable)

Show you how to create a bedtime routine that supports optimal sleep health and development.

Show you how to achieve, maintain and future -proof your child’s sleep through typical teething, sickness, nap transitions, developmental progressions, and routine disturbances.

Continually encourage and empower you to create a flourishing, nourishing, attuned family culture

Link to start your sleep journey in my bio or visit

I hear this a lot! I would love to know what you would say and what your own experience has been in this too. ...

Happy Birthday to my daughter Eden..14 ❤️❤️we are waiting for the friends to arrive…thankfully she still will take a picture with me for now.. can’t believe how fast time is going by.. oh Eden.. I love your laugh, your taste in music and the fact that you always say yes to join me for a walk, a swim or on some undisclosed adventure.
I love that you often only get in to the sea up to your knees, but you always go in.
I love that you sing out loud to the music on the radio. I love your shrug of “I don’t know”, I love the way you genuinely don’t mind.
Thanks for being honest, showing me how to not care, bringing the jokes and keeping it real.
Keep being long 😊….. always belong to yourself….stay true to your gut and your own inner wisdom… be the friend to yourself that you are to others.
Keep your sense of fairness and not needing to win. I’m excited for you, I m excited for me; that I get to be part of your story ❤️❤️

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