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How much is sleep deprivation costing your business?

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Parents of young children make up almost 40% of the workforce; with up to 70% of these parents struggling with some aspect of their child’s sleep at some point in their parenting career. (Mindell & Owens, 2015)

This sleep loss may lead to poor work performance, errors, reduced creativity, motivation, as well as lost workdays and unexplained absences. In a 2016 study, it was suggested that sleep deprivation in the workplace leads to annual economic losses in the USA in excess of $400 billion a year. Closer to home, in the UK, that figure is reportedly £50 billion.   (Hafner, et al., 2016)

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When parents report that they have sleep challenges they may hear certain suggestions from others such as – “you will just need to let them cry” to “you should never let them cry”. This often means that parents are conflicted and, in a dilemma, as managing the ongoing sleep deprivation may be so hard that they feel that to allow their baby to cry it out is the only way.
As a practitioner, I do not advocate to leave your baby to cry it out, that doesn’t mean that as you help them sleep better they won’t cry, but I do believe that if you are going to begin a sleep learning exercise, and your baby is older than 6 months and there are changes that you could make to help initiate a naturally longer need for sleep for both your baby and yourself, then we can accompany them on their journey and we can support and encourage them as you help and nurture a sleep skill set, even if they find this a bit hard. There is a balance to most parenting approaches and in general I encourage parents to seek information that resonates with them, and that feels right and in line with their parenting philosophies and their ultimate vision for their family unit. I encourage that in order to avoid ever having to make a big decision about how you help your baby to sleep, that in the early days you embark on my sleep shaping suggestions and many parents report then that their child’s sleep ability is naturally encouraged, whilst others may find that beyond 6 months, a sleep learning process may help further. Before any sleep approach would be considered, a solid foundation for sleep is recommended, such as an age relevant feeding and sleeping balance to the day and a concerted effort to both read the language for sleep as well as avoiding an overtired presentation. Simple steps such as a calm bedtime routine and a sleep friendly environment all can add to their sleep prowess. Then if you are in the position that further changes are required, such as transition from rocking or feeding to sleep then, my stay and support approach will give you and your baby a perfect opportunity to learn to sleep, but without being left alone as you physically, emotionally, and emotionally support them.

Live with 2 Lucy’s! Tomorrow at 2pm I’m going to be speaking to Lucy Edge, co-founder of the amazing @mum_talks. She has a 13 year old daughter and a 2 year old son and explains that her experience for both her children from preparation for birth to transition to motherhood and beyond for one child and then a second time was vastly different. I”m excited to chat to her and to hear her story and hope you will join us. ...

I did the keys in the car yesterday and I do not have a valid excuse ❤️ what’s it like for you ? ...

Sending you all best wishes this weekend- with a deep reminder that you are doing an amazing job, you are enough, and you are on a journey that has many highs and lows; the low or the high do not represent good or bad just typical parenting and many aspects of this take it’s toll on us.
So be kind to yourself, appreciate the significance and level of difficulty involved in raising small people and how that impacts every dimension of your person and your relationships too. Take it easy on yourself, immerse yourself in nature, bury yourself under your duvet for 5, take a deep breath. Forget the should”s, have to and oughts. Continue to build the deep, loving and everlasting relationship within yourself and between you and baby. You have more than got this ❤️ brightening up my kitchen and mood this morning - gorgeous #gift delivered to the door

Delighted to announce that I am teaming up with Tesco once again for the FREE @tescoirl Baby Event Webinar on Monday 16th May at 7pm. This is a completely free webinar event, where we’ll be talking about all things sleep. I'll also be joined by some brilliant guests to give you expert tips and advice for your little one.

We’ll have some amazing spot prizes to give away on the night, and all virtual attendees who log into the event will receive a free sample pack.*

Register now using the link in my stories (places limited)

*Details of participating stores and collection date will be emailed to event attendees post-event.
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Fantastic morning presenting to the staff in Google Ireland as part of their #googlefailtefest initiative; welcoming and supporting parents as they return to the workplace. Always great to be part of any corporation and business organization that recognise the effects of sleep deprivation in the workplace, willing to invest and help parents make sense of their journey in a gentle and considered way, promoting staff health and well-being and that of their families. Parents of young children make up a large percentage of the workforce and many of these parents are experiencing high levels of sleep deprivation -that may be alleviated with evidence - based and practice informed guidance and reassurance….
All corporate enquiries for either in-house, online presentations or corporate online courses (0-6 years) to

Be the agent of change when your baby’s sleep becomes challenging- see the frequent waking as a communication with you of a need to change what you are doing. This may range from changing the wake time, the nap times and or the bedtime - or it may be a change in how you help them get to sleep and or get back to sleep. A change in feed times, a change in what food you offer them - a change in outside time, screen time and or quality of time spent together. A change in approach, attitude, mood. A change that only you can effect and a change that may change everything. Life changing, a game changer.
Small or big change - you are the agent, you and together with your child have all the wisdom.
What change could you make that might help?

Truth Via @mumsandtots ...

Join me this evening at 6pm GMT when I will be hosting a live on my stories with @ninawestbrook @benebynina
Bene by Nina Founder and Editor in Chief
She is a devoted mother of three children, Noah, and twins, Skye and Jordyn, and married to NBA All-Star, Russell Westbrook. When not spending time with her family, Nina can be found following her passion to serve her community as a trained Marriage and Family Therapist.
She remains passionate about erasing the mental health stigma and regularly calls on her knowledge and understanding to support others on their journey towards physical and emotional wellness. Nina’s refreshingly candid insight on the topics of mental health and the importance of personal and interpersonal growth are regularly highlighted by trusted outlets nationwide, including the New York Times, BET, Goop, TED, Good Housekeeping, and ABC13.
We ll be discussing Sleep, parenting and lots more I imagine too.. exciting!

❤️❤️ ...

This evening at 7pm live on my stories -we’ll meet Sinead, another Mum who said YES to sharing her parenting story. To telling us how it’s been- the raw, messy, honest, amazing, gorgeous, draining, and loving living of the story so far. I hope you ll make it. Leave a ❤️ in the comments. ...

Join me for an engaging and connected morning with breakfast together with your baby:

At Edition Cafe, Level 0, Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin

Thursday 28th April at 1030am

Discover what every modern parent is looking for- a gentle, sensitive and emotionally appropriate approach to establishing positive, realistic sleep practices, designed to encourage a secure, loving relationship and developmentally relevant sleep tendencies for your family.

Whilst enjoying a delicious light breakfast, in gorgeous surroundings, and meeting with fellow parents, I will be exploring how to help your family get more rest!

· Learn about evidence-based sleep information that helps inform your sleep experience

· I will introduce you to my gentle sleep shaping strategies to embrace from birth-6 months

· Help you to understand my gentle sleep learning approach to implement from 6 months to 6 years of age and explore 4 core undermining influences that prevent better sleep emerging even when you feel that you have tried everything!

· I will help you to consider key decisions that improve your child's sleep relationship and demonstrate definitive, manageable steps towards positive sleep practices, including my stay and support approach, to gently and considerately improve sleep by day and by night and those early mornings!

· I will answer questions, reassure and empower your parenting journey

Tickets €25 link in my stories

What mood music is playing for you? ...

Spotted this question on a Facebook thread: saw some replies from others that ranged from cutting to one nap, giving water, increasing nap lengths, getting on with it.
I obviously have my own ideas about what might help- and would have lots of questions about every aspect of his experience-want to share with me your suggestions and together we will create a suitable plan to help improve the situation?

It can feel daunting reaching out for help when you are struggling with any part of parenting, especially sleep, as for some reason it’s an area within which we feel we “should” be able to address on our own. Working with parents in a one to one capacity gives me an opportunity to create a relationship that empowers, informs and supports you to make adjustments that help promote your child’s relationship with sleep and your ongoing input and understanding of it; with compassion and understanding on my part.
All enquiries

So excited to be in-person with @editioncafedublin - to get to chat and connect with you! I’ve added the link to buy tickets in my stories and truly can’t wait to see you there ❤️ #pp ...

I hope that you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend. We’ve really been enjoying the time off work and being together for some lovely connection and lots of laughter (and chocolate). Join me tomorrow @irelandamvmtv where we will be discussing sleep with multiples. As always would love for you to send your questions and we’ll do our best to get through as many as possible! Enjoy the rest of your day! ❤️🐣 ...

Throughout my recent dissertation journey, I have discovered so many Mums with amazing, real stories to tell, and an ongoing need keeps arising in me to help others to hear how it really is. I want to capture stories of expectation and reality, to help others understand that they are not the only ones, as they may often feel and to know that what they experience is typical, and that others really do understand, and to share the collective wisdom of those who have parented before us.
I am starting off with a number of LIVE instagrams with Mums just like you and me. On Tuesday 19th April at 7pm I am going to be speaking with Claire and she is going to share her parenting experience- the highs and the lows. It's going to be open, raw, honest, and authentic. It's going to be real. It's going to be a platform for sharing stories. I am excited and nervous, it's different, but that's all part of the journey too. Is this a good idea? Leave a comment below.

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