Baby sleep consultants

Do baby sleep consultants work?

Your child’s sleep profile is a challenge


Your child’s sleep profile is a challenge

Despite your best efforts, at 6 months of age plus you still experience a number of challenges such as sleep resistance, frequent night waking, long wake times over-night, excessive upset, short naps, and early rising, for example. You may also have feeding, weaning, and behavioural concerns that are interrelated.


You don’t know where to start

As your child’s sleep is multi-dimensional and entirely unique, general recommendations may not always apply and conflicting information and emotions may undermine your efforts. You may begin to second guess yourself too. This can mean starting to make changes feels too overwhelming and your confidence may be lower as a result of being tired, and emotionally worn out.


Bespoke guidance, support and relational safety

Many parents intellectually know what changes are required or may help, but benefit from the level of support, guidance, insight and accountability the process of working with a sleep specialist provides for. When delivered in a compassionate, non-judgmental setting; parents own intuition, and understanding has an opportunity to flourish, as we nourish your being and that of your child.


Tried sleep learning before and it was unsuccessful

It is hard to stay predictable and on track when you are doing this solo; working with a professional helps to keep you on track when everything is off track; the process helps you to understand where to start, what feels right for you and most importantly what helps to promote better sleep, appetite, mood and behaviour-for all family members and to future-proof your child’s sleep experience too.


Expectations matter

We know that psychologically having a plan, a clear pathway and range of solutions presented to you, as well as being accompanied, accountable and supported helps individuals to address hard challenges, lean on the professional, exchange thoughts, feelings and emotions, and in this holding of space, become engaged, motivated and empowered to make and maintain changes that support your goals


Co-Creational Collaboration

Working WITH a family is a big part of the solution. Collaborating together, combining your understanding and aspirations, together with all the parties to the sleep equation can be factored in, and unique dynamics can be addressed; decisions can be encouraged in a supportive culture that means everyone (Mum, Dad, Co-Parent, Baby, Sibling) feels seen, heard and belonging-and that level of safety continues to promote your sleep story and journey.

As a baby sleep consultant who has been in practise for over 10 years, means that I have been in a position to witness, resolve and learn from each family that has engaged with me, meaning that the depth of knowledge and experience, coupled with ongoing training, education and expertise are applied to your sleep plan and process that allows your goals to emerge in a collaborative and co-creational way.