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FAQ's before you enrol on a sleep plan course

These are self paced courses and have a comprehensive FAQ section. If you would like to follow up with personalised support, you can read more about it via this link.

We want you to get the most out of your sleep plan so if your child is close to the age group outlined, we will be happy to exchange a course within the first 24 hours of purchasing if you feel the content is not relevant.  

My approach in these courses is the same as in my books but the delivery to parents is different – based on feedback;  parents are often too tired to read and fully implement the guidance in the book with ease – the online sleep plan course is more like a one to one consultation, and although it is not specific to your baby, it is laid out for you to follow with the important changes explained  to you that many parents miss or overlook in the books, or do not feel confident enough to change;  and this affects their progress and goals. Here, you just progress through the easily digested course chapters that cover your plan to sleep in a linear way over 4-5 weeks – making changes and refinements that continually help you move towards your sleep goals.  It is straightforward, easy to use and effective.

Each course comes with unlimited lifetime access for you to refer back to at anytime. Your course comes with a range of downloadable PDF documents, videos and written content that takes you through each topic step by step. 

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