Feeding a Baby on Holidays

Feeding a Baby on Holidays

Feeding a baby solid food while abroad can be an exciting opportunity to introduce them to new flavors and experiences. In order to make it as stress free as possible it’s important to stick to their usual feeding schedule and some planning on where to prepare their usual food.

Here are some tips to help you navigate feeding your weaning baby while abroad:

1. Take along a mini blender/food chopper if your baby is very young. A food travel set is also a good option for safely taking food out with you to the beach. Make sure to pack their spoons, bowls and breakers as your baby is familiar with using them.

2. Cook your own meals: If you have access to a kitchen or are staying in an accommodation with cooking facilities, consider preparing your baby’s meals yourself. This way, you have full control over the ingredients and can ensure they are suitable for your baby. You can also use local produce to introduce new flavors. Take food out and about in a food flask.

3. Research local food options: Before you travel, research the local cuisine and identify suitable options for your baby. Look for dishes that are made with fresh ingredients. Fish is always a good choice making sure to check for bones before serving.

4. Be mindful of food safety: When dining out, ensure that the restaurant maintains cleanliness and hygiene standards. When taking food out and about, remember that food needs to be in a cooler bag with an ice pack or a food flask.

5. Introduce new foods : While abroad, take the opportunity to introduce new foods and textures to your baby. However, it’s important to have tested your baby for allergenic foods before your trip away.

6. Stay hydrated: In some destinations, the climate might be warmer than what your baby is accustomed to. Make sure to offer plenty of fluids to keep your baby hydrated.

7. Be flexible and patient: Remember that your baby might have different preferences and reactions to new foods while abroad. Be patient and open-minded as they explore new tastes and textures. It’s normal for them to take some time to adjust to new flavors.

8. Stick to your usual routines: One of the most important steps while taking your baby on holidays. Feeding your baby their milk as soon as they wake and leaving an hour gap before offering their meal. This may take some planning and organising but it’s important for your baby.

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