Baby sleep while room sharing

How do I make room sharing work?

Having two or more children share a room can be a sleep challenge for some parents. The first key guideline would be to ensure that all parties that share a room must be able to sleep through the night first for this to work well or if you have multiples then you must have your child or children learn to sleep through the night in the same space, without panicking and hooking out a wakeful child in an effort to preserve the sleep of another. My ideal scenario with siblings is to have them independent in the overnight period before you put them together.  If this is not possible, I would sometimes even remove a good sleeper and help the sleepless child learn the skill of consolidated sleep and then reunite them. 

After that piece is taken care of, it is then important that you have some room sharing guidelines for the young children to adhere to, for example:

  1. No talking once lights go out.
  2. No waking someone that is already asleep.

It can be helpful to sometimes stagger bedtimes in the beginning to avoid over stimulation in the run up to bedtime.  Obviously, it may take a while for all the parties to get good at sleeping together but persevere if this is what you want for your children, or of course if space dictates that your children must share.