Baby sleeping on tummy

Is tummy sleep safe for babies?

It is a great sign when your baby starts to roll. It indicates that she is starting to progress through her developmental milestones which is necessary for healthy development. 

Encouraging tummy time on multiple occasions throughout the daytime can help promote this skill set. Rolling also has positive implications for sleep, as now your child may start to get comfortable for themselves. 

As they develop the skill though, it can be challenging as they get stuck a lot and also we can begin to be concerned that that it may not be safe. The health agenda recommends that we place our children on their backs to sleep, however, once they start to move and you are confident that they can roll over and back themselves, and then it is further recommended that you allow them to sleep as they wish. 

Some parent’s report that their child wants to roll but can only do so one way.  I would advise that you help them become efficient rollers, with plenty of practise-committing to 10 minutes for every wakeful hour and that if you find their sleeping bag is part of the problem, then practise during non sleep time with the sleeping bag on too.  Keep in mind that sleeping on the back, although it represents the safe sleep advice, it is not a natural sleeping position and that many children once they become mobile, actually start to sleep better. 

Please ensure that you observe safe sleep at all times, avoiding specifically loose covers and bedding, especially as your baby begins to move.  If in doubt refer to your GP and discuss your concerns.