Lucy Wolfe Sleep Plan

6-8 Month Baby Sleep Plan

There is possibly no other time than between 6-8 months that your child’s sleep changes so much and so rapidly- at 6 months your baby is likely on 3 – 4 naps a day, just beginning solids with a high milk need and by 8 months they will potentially be on just 2 naps per day, well-established on solids, with meat protein as appropriate, together with a lower milk need; their nap wake profiles extend from 2 to 3 hours + for day time sleep and from 2- 4 hours before bedtime to support consolidated night time sleep.

Not to mention the huge neurological and developmental progressions that unfold.

Lucy Wolfe 6-8 Month Online Course

That is why I have created this special course for this special age group; it wouldn’t make sleep-sense for a 6 or 7 month old to be aligned with a near 9 month old. That is why this course covers this critical 2 month period,  as I want you to be able to meet your baby where they are at both, developmentally and emotionally, and to be able to refine the sleep details accordingly, so that your baby can learn at the rate and the pace that they are able for. 

You may feel that you get better value if you purchase a 6-9 month course, but as a conscientious practitioner, I find it impossible to see how great, appropriate and long-lasting sleep can be established within a wider range, without the specific guidance that I will provide for this 6-8 months category! Once your positive sleep practises are established, you will be able to greet 8 months plus and onwards,  with all the guidance and information that is included within this course, so that you will future-proof your baby’s sleep, whatever their age. 

This course includes

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