5 ways I supported families this week:

1. One to one consultations on zoom working directly with parents in a safe, compassionate and nonjudgmental setting in areas such as frequent night wakings, sleep resistance, night weaning, room and bed-sharing transitions, achieving and maintaining naps with greater ease
2.Follow up support calls with existing and previous clients - refining parent’s current sleep plans, adjusting guidance, providing space for open expression for how their sleep plan is unfolding, moving through stages to sleep, mastering two naps to one, big bed transition, re-establishing sleep that had regressed due to sickness and/or emotional leap
3.Parenting event with @tescoirl- a lovely question and answer session from early expectations, sleep shaping in first 6 months, early rising, night waking reasons, sleep learning considerations and suggestions
4.Sleep Presentation with @louthlibraryservice -my formal presentation on “what every parent needs to know”- covering gentle sleep shaping and learning leading to positive practices, less interrupted, more consolidated sleep overnight and by day
5. Creating content for my blog on various sleep topics available www.lucywolfesleepplans.com
Todays post was inspired by @thebrandstory.ie

Now I m looking forward to a weekend of less restrictions as well ! Wishing you all nourishing weekend plans ❤️❤️

This resonates for me! Kept calling my youngest son Harvey when we had actually named him Harry and a few times looked to my hubby to remind me of his name full stop!!

Are you feeling very tired today?

Do you know that almost 100% of the time I make changes to what seems to be an ideal bedtime routine with parents that I work with one to one.

These changes are often encouraged to support a better, age appropriate sleep profile both overnight and/or during the day too.

I may change the time, the order, the location, the parent. I may add or subtract to the length.

I m always going to promote a bedtime that aligns with your child’s age and the gap between that and their last nap - I call this a nap gap dynamic.

I never under estimate of the positive influence of attempting bedtime before over-tiredness sets in.

I propose that after 6 months of age feeds before sleep are provided with a gap of at least 45minutes before bedtime - this is to ensure that your child’s independent sleep skills can emerge- this can be important for night time and daytime sleep to be able to consolidate.

I think 20mimutes in the bedroom that your child sleeps in is a suitable amount of time to help prepare them for bed.

I like that everything to do with their sleep such as changing them into their pajamas is part of this - provided in a dimly lit room with absolute attention to connection between parent and child.

Did you also know just making one of these changes can help move you closer to your sleep goals. ❤️❤️

What one change -or more-could you make?

Thrilled to announce that I will be kicking off the new year with Tesco once again for the FREE Tesco Baby Event Webinar on Monday 17th January at 7pm!

This is a completely free webinar event, where we’ll be talking about all things sleep. I will also be joined by some amazing guests to give you expert tips and advice for your little one. 💤

We’ve got some amazing spot prizes to be given away on the night, and all virtual attendees who log into the event will receive a free sample pack.

Register now using the link in the bio.

It's been a busy first week back to work here in my practise. I have spent the week organising new appointments for one to one support for families for the next few weeks. I have been creating some new content for my online courses and blog, and of course always thinking of ideas for content here to help support families on their quest for better sleep.
I was so happy that I got to wear my gorgeous @ferifolk dress on @irelandamvmtv on Wednesday and look forward to some upcoming online events over the next few weeks with @tescoirl and @mum_talks.
3 of my children went back to school yesterday. 1 of the 3 went to school today....and so it begins again!
I hope that you have had a chance this week to settle into 2022 as well.
I do have some availability for consultations via zoom for a bespoke sleep plan coupled with individualised support and guidance and you can make an enquiry by emailing me lucy@sleepmatters.ie. Unfortunately, due to capacity, I am unable to reply to the DMs that I receive but just want to explain that there is loads of content in my IGTV, Reels and Feed, as well the resources on my websites that are both linked in my bio.
If you have any requests for topics that are of interest to you-drop them below in the comments as it helps me create the type of content that you need. This weekend I badly need to get to the sea, so that's a priority for me; I wonder what you feel you need?

I realised this week that January 20 years ago, I was pregnant for the first time with my gorgeous boy Jesse. 20 years. A lifetime-his lifetime. I remember the indescribable feeling of knowing this little secret was lodged inside of me and that that knowing was only ours at the start.
I remember the fears, the worries, the what ifs. But I mostly remember the excitement, the wonder and the discovery of a world of expectancy and joy that I never really knew existed.
A world measured in weeks, symbolised by the size of fruit; a world brimming with possibility.
I work with parents to help their children achieve better, restful sleep in a non-judgemental, compassionate setting. I accompany parents on their sleep journey based on their child's age, stage, and decisions that we make together.
I have this job essentially, because 20 years ago, in January, I discovered that I was pregnant.
That pregnancy changed my whole life in so many ways, and the job I do today is one of them.
Supporting, guiding and being there for each parent on their quest for better sleep-through one to one consults, online courses, my books and content here and on my websites.
It's a job that I love, work that doesn't feel like work, and a honour to see and hear the difference that some of my suggestions and insights can make to how you experience parenting.
How long ago, was it since you first discovered you too were pregnant for the first time?

I just wanted to take a moment to mention a few of the accounts that I find personally very helpful and who are doing such a great job supporting parents. Tag your favourite follows! I would love to discover some new accounts-in all areas!


Course Winner Announcement!
Dear @king_joanne - my family thought that your story was very funny and they selected you to win an online sleep plan course of your choice. You can select from 0-6 months, 6-8m, 12-18m, 18-2.5y and 3-6 years. These courses are designed to help parents work through their sleep challenges using the videos and downloadable material that you have unlimited access to. I am looking forward to hearing about about your progress.
Please email lucy@sleepmatters.ie to claim your online sleep plan course and begin your sleep quest today!.
For more information on the courses see link in bio or visit www.lucywolfesleepplans.com

Still thinking about making changes this year?

Think about when it makes sense to start a sleep learning process- when baby is at least 6 months and when you have 3-4 weeks without major disruption or vaccination appointments or sleep aways from home.

I propose making big changes first at bedtime and then continuing your plan into the overnight and into the following day then as well.

This order makes sense from an openness to learning something new and sleep pressure perspective.

Starting at bedtime creates space for further learning into the night and then naps too, when you have a plan to implement.

Don’t necessarily expect the overnight and naps to be easy straight away but it’s quite usual for bedtime to improve rapidly over the first few nights- especially when you are observing my age relevant feeding and sleeping balances, my proposed bedtime number line, coupled with the stay and support approach when appropriate.

When feels right for you to start?

I hope you live louder ❤️ ...

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year- filled with love and promise.
Here's 22 things about me that I would like you to know as we say goodbye to 2021 and begin this year of 2022:
1. My name is Lucy Wolfe
2. I live in Cork, Ireland
3. I have 4 amazing children-Jesse 19, Ellen 17, Eden 14 and Harry 11
4. I have been married to Alan for 23 years
5. I love music- I specifically like lyrics in songs and how they make me feel
6. I always try to be on time
7. I like the sea- I like to watch it and feel grounded when I am in it
8. I poodle in the sea- this is how I describe myself when I float about in the sea and watch the actual sea-swimmers
9. I love chocolate- no really, I LOVE it
10. I eat chocolate and then fight with myself for eating it
11. I try hard to love myself for who I am and what I see when I look in the mirror
12. I really enjoy reading; I always read a novel before bedtime and I read tons of books on a variety of topics, all the other time that I can find to read
13. I am impatient with myself and often feel like I am not enough or doing "it" wrong
14. I love to walk- I have two dogs- one that loves to walk too and the other that hides when I get the lead out
15. I used to walk to punish myself or to lose weight-now I walk as an act of love to and for myself
16. I like the idea of takeaway more than the takeaway itself
17. I love clothes, but I always need to buy an outfit rather than separates
18. This year I plan to learn how to swim properly, as in, breathing and swimming lengths
19. I am scared I won't be able to do it properly but I am willing myself to be great, or at least able
20. I am in the final months of a Master's in the Psychotherapy of Co-Creational Relationship Mentoring
21. I am completing my thesis on giving voice to the challenges of early motherhood- I am overwhelmed by how much work I have to do!
22. I have left a number of assignments to the last minute, as I made a choice over the Christmas period to sit on the couch (and eat chocolate) and watch marathon sessions of TV with my kids, instead of writing, and in lots of ways, I am proud of myself for making that choice.
I am excited to share 2022 with you xx

If your day doesn’t look like this: antigen test, chocolates, crisps.. is it even Christmas 2021 ?

Also if you always think you’ve done the test wrong - you are my people 🤣😲

Who’s tired? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️Let Me Help 💤💤💤💤💤
Share a funny story about falling asleep or something that you have done due to sleep deprivation and you could win an online sleep course for you or a tired friend to help you on your journey.
You can choose from a course from 0-6m, 6-8m, 8-12m, 12-18m, 18-2.5y and 3-6 years.
Each course is designed to help guide you towards better sleep in an effective, evidence-based, gentle, considered and practice-informed way.
Leave your comments below- the funnier the better- winner announced by Monday ❤️❤️

We”re enjoying the “in-between”. ❤️ ...

This happens doesn’t it? ...

I hope that you have peace of mind this Christmas and that you get to relax, reflect, connect and enjoy. ...

As the Christmas holidays and fun approaches you may want to have a quick think about your child’s sleep practices for the festive period. It can be such an exciting time for our young children, but it is also a busy time with hopefully a chance to reconnect with family that we have not seen much of this year and possibly staying away from home.

Whilst you absolutely must to embrace the merriment, do be cautious and mindful about how sleep can be affected and that over tiredness, travel and over-excitement can mean that you get less sleep than normal, with some families finding that issues that arise over Christmas can linger well into the New Year.

Follow the link in my story to read about some suggestion for you to have a merry, connected AND rested Christmas time.

Ideally in the run up to the festive period you would do your best to have your young child optimally rested. That way they will be more tolerant of changes and lost sleep if applicable.